12 Answers. One of the best known executives of Libby’s was Charles Scott Bridges who in 1947 was made a director of the company and in 1953 became Libby’s president and chief executive officer. All in all, the symptoms were intentionally played down for dramatic effect. Libby may have needed to choose a profession at random, so, with her experience in a mental hospital, chose a clinical psychologist because that's a job she knew pretty well. Cindy assimilated 'quickly' because she realized the Others had altruistic motives and meant no harm (unnecessary harm that is). 26 Search. 1. Comments. David it's like Hurley's Dave, or IT'S Hurley's Dave. Oluwaseun Fagbamila Recommended for … Clean-up! If they were to portray Hurley in the midst of an accurately depicted panic attack, any reasonable exchange of dialog couldn't occur. -LOST- Elizabeth "Libby" (Cynthia Waltros)-Story Prior to the crash . Search. ANSWERED : Why is Libby in the mental hospital? American hospitals in the 19th century were charitable enterprises devoted to the care of the urban poor, orphans, seamen and immigrants. It's definitely Libby, not a twin. why was libby there? She did ultimately end up at the Temple. Any real clinical psychologist could not have described a hallucination as a panic attack. She has undergone 28 operations and countless hospital visits to become the happy, healthy girl she is today. She’s a kind girl but can be very hyper 99.9% of the time. ), so why not Libby. They merely said future. Not sure if this has been discussed on another thread but i just read a recent interview with the Lost writers.. bsoto … CATEGORIES. Maybe Libby did a bad thing (a crime) and took an Insanity Plea. Debate; Fun; General; Questions; Theories; This Day In LOST History. Elizabeth “Libby” Smith is a fictional character on the ABC drama television series Lost, which chronicles the lives of over forty people after their plane crashes on a remote island somewhere in the South Pacific. Why would Widmore want her on the island? True, the symptoms of a real panic attack are distressing to say the least; but perhaps some artistic license should be granted. The get on the plane expecting the island wants them back and will take them somehow. ANSWERED : Who helped Desmond out of the well? Theory 3: She works for Benjamin Linus / John Locke / Jacob / Ms. Hawking, etc. They also know for a fact the plane will pass over the temporary location of the island, and Widmore. Search for: Recent Comments. Little is known about Libby's life prior to the island. ANSWERED : What did Juliet mean when she said "It worked"? I moved to AZ recently, and lost my diamond a couple weeks ago. He was 104. Cindy wasn't on Goodwin's list, but it's been made clear that Goodwin's list and the Lighthouse candidates were listed for different reasons. Extremely unlikely coincidences are rife through the show. Close. At five weeks old, she began 77 life-saving days in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. Libby is a independent woman who will stand up for what’s right and let nothing stop her. This theory also plays into the many themes of duality on the show. We know that is fact. Uhmm... planes don't pack people's luggage based on where they're sitting in the plane and people don't usually pack their clothing in carry-ons for international flights. She had to be lying about Hurley stepping on her foot, she was in the tail section, he was in the middle...he would have never passed her. if yeah, why?? Home. The Others kidnapped all the "good" people from the Tailies camp, but did not kidnap Ana Lucia, Eko, Libby or Bernard. She earnestly tells him that he is her soulmate. you discover hurly was there for accidentally killing two people, and while hes there he makes an imaginary friend. Some time after David died, Libby admitted herself to the Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute. I knew they were still placing them, so I contacted Dr. Libby right away, and without hesitation, he got another one in the mail to me immediately. Hospital Directory . Forum Member. ... videos Doctors and patients discuss the latest medical treatments and health tips Drugs A-Z Search prescription drugs for why they’re used, side effects and more. While on the Island, Hurley and Libby never recalled their time at Santa Rosa together, … She had feelings for Hurley because they both share a connection of being mentally unstable. In the short time she was shown, Libby was given her medication by the nurse, after which she stared blankly into space, visibly emotionally and mentally traumatized in some manner. ANSWERED: Damon has since confirmed that -yes- Libby was in there because of her husband's death. ANSWERED : How does the Man in Black intend to "destroy the Island"? She was genuinely in love with him, and genuinely emotionally distraught at his death, leading her to give her boat away "for love" and causing a spell in Santa Rosa Mental Institute. Dave was at the hospital while Libby was there, and Dave keeps urging Hurley to do bad things for his well being because Dave notices that Libby keeps watching Hurley. Her medical knowledge (shown when she first arrived with the other survivors) may have been the result not of medical school, but rather that she prepared in advance with first aide training because she knew she was headed to the island. You stepped on my foot...." so it was right when he got on the plane that she is referring to. Cindy hadn't forged a relationship with the kids, though. Libby who met Hurley on the island wasn't lying about not recognising him, because it wasn't actually her in the mental hospital. right before the crash. We already know that he sees dead people at that point in his life (Charlie etc. She seemed very distraught and depressed, like most other patients at Santa Rosa. Hurley and Michael were working together. Welcome to TheoriesOnLost.com - one of the best places to read theories on the TV show LOST. This may explain why her hair color is different. She could have been seated at the front and asked to move mid-flight for whatever reason. The shot of Libby in the institution is a flashforward not a flashback. Is this something to do with her husband dying?Thanks to KrisANSWERED: Damon has since confirmed that -yes- Libby was in there because of her husband's death. A hospital’s fiduciary relationship with its patients normally begins from the minute the patient is admitted, right up until the patient is discharged and leaves the hospital. If she indeed sent Desmond on that boat suspecting what would happen, at Widmore's request, that would explain why she doesn't appear to Hurley after her death ( she's ashamed, feeling guilty ). Find and compare hospitals and urgent care facilities in Libby, MT. 1. Welcome to TheoriesOnLost.com - one of the best places to read theories on the TV show LOST. It seemed that Cindy (the flight attendant) assimilated a little too quickly and easily into the "Others". ANSWERED : How did John Locke die? Lost took the world by storm when it debuted on ABC back in 2004, and the series was something of an unlikely hit. What if there were some people sent to fly on Oceanic 815 in order to subtly manipulate events? In addition, Moore pointed out that the medical examiner’s autopsy found pneumonia, a bacterial infection, in Libby’s lung. if i remember correct the writers said in an interview just before season 5 began that libby's story wasn't quite finished yet so i expect so. Widmore never got identification for their full names, nor the timeperiod they were from. Dr. Brooks then comes over to the table and takes Libby back to Santa Rosa Mental Hospital. If Libby had her luggage in the tail section Claire couldn't be wearing her shirt. Many many many character coincidences appear in Lost. This may also be the reason why Libby becomes a psychologist in the first place if her sister has mental issues. LOST: Hurley and Libby on the beach [6x12-Everybody loves Hugo] - Duration: 2 ... craig not wanting to go to the mental hospital clip - Duration: 3:10. I don't think he even knew the island was breached via 815 until it disappeared in the South Pacific. This would explain why she appeared to Michael several times in "Meet Kevin Johnson"; and why Michael became a whisper and could not move on, because he caused the death of someone who was not meant to die. A panic attack does not mean standing around looking nervous; panic attack symptoms include hyperventilating, chest pain, sweating, and overall serious anxiety. admin on Hello leftover Losties from A.E.S. Why was the Frozen Donkey Wheel place not frozen when the wheel was built? Ana Lucia located 1 list of 9 tailies on the female Other she killed - perhaps the other Others had different lists: Cindy could have been on another list. It is not actually Libby in the mental institution, but a twin sister. Eko was being taken by the Others, though. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Several times Libby tried to remove her neck brace, but the nurse would take her hands and in a calm demeanor, reassure Libby that she needed her to be still. Her medicines were Hurley's medicines too. MAJOR : Who was "the Woman" who raised Jacob and MIB. In Hurley's alternate universe, the well-meaning millionaire gets approached in a restaurant by a mysterious woman named Libby. This is before the point in the show where the flashforwards start but that doesn't mean they couldn't have slipped one in for fun. Near. taken from transcript: LIBBY: "Yes, you did. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We welcome relevant, respectful comments. Login / Register. Possibly evidence she lied about her profession - possibly a production error. After making a generous donation to Santa Rosa, Hurley is allowed to see Libby again. bsoto … See the Lostpedia theory policy for more details. You may have wondered why, after spending even the shortest period of time in the hospital you are confined to a wheelchair as you leave the hospital. The hospital staff was wonderful to us, but one nurse in particular came into our room and said, “I don’t know about you … The Others tried to take Eko on the first night. A clinical psychologist with a direct tie to Desmond would be a valuable asset to have on the island because she would have a few cards to play, such as the Penny card. Nathan Libby, a founding physician of North Shore University Hospital – now known as Northwell Health – and longtime Great Neck resident, died on Nov. 22. Mental Health Hospitals in Libby on YP.com. User account menu. For the general theory of Widmore's involvement with Flight 815 see here. The Others nabbed her because she was on the List. She pointed out that he didn't remember certain things that she saw with the Tailies because he wasn't there, therefore they could not have taken place merely in his head. Unless he had gone to the rear of the plane to use the restroom or ask something of the flight attendants. Hurley, in his death, wanted a girlfriend (he comments that the relationship between him and a beautiful girl doesn't make sense), so in his death he fabricates this short lived love affair with a girl that really didn't exist on the plane, but is part of his memory. Did we ever get an explanation on why Libby was the mental hospital? Libby hates being hurt and can be very bitchy toward others when she wants to be. No Events. She may have just been in the institution for legitimate reasons. Also, Hurley sees GHOSTS! She has deep emotions and cares a lot about people. Libby’s surname, Smith, was not revealed until the memorial video at the Lost Panel during Comic Con 2009. Theory 4: She is a "flashback" memory of Hurley. He said he blacked out and the next thing he knew he was waking up in the jungle. I've known about this for a while and I apologize for only writing about it now. Libby has been cared for by the RCH her entire life. There's no David. Hurley said if Michael had had time to think about it, he would still have shot Libby and Ana Lucia. Libby’s expanded and modernized during his presidency. ANSWERED : Who helped Desmond out of the well? After they kissed, as he walked toward he camera away from her at the end of an episode, she made a face of disgust at the camera from behind him. Montana (MT) Libby. Libby is a "bad" person. And yet when they all want to get back to the island 3 years after leaving they get on a plane intending to crash.