• Building Strong, Vibrant Communities

    Affordable housing provides a strong foundation for vibrant communities.

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  • Premium Properties in Excellent Locations

    We take pride in purchasing and maintaining premium investment properties.

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  • Planning investments for a bright future

    We work to improve the areas we invest in.

  • Partnering with the community to promote change

    We look for strategic partners to help further our goals.

Welcome to the Emerson Property Group

We are in the business of investing in communities. Our company specializes in providing affordable housing. Our goal is to provide communities with quality places to live. We make investments with a mindset geared toward affordable living in beautiful neighborhoods accommodating to all needs. We provide foundations that build communities.

  Who we Are

We are in the business of investing in healthy vibrant communities to provide a safe living environment to everyday people.

Our minority owned company, located in Randolph, New Jersey, enjoys Limited Liability Company status and is incorporated in the state of New Jersey..